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Peta Grenfell & Brendon Murray at work desk

Dynamic duo behind Grenfell Murray

Peta Grenfell and Brendon Murray are the dynamic duo behind Grenfell Murray, your local Sunshine Coast business advisory and accounting experts. With deep roots in the community, they have a genuine passion for building strong relationships with their clients and helping Sunshine Coast businesses thrive. From their beginnings as Bentleys to their current identity as Grenfell Murray, their journey has been driven by a desire to assist people in achieving their goals.

They enjoy assisting family businesses that have grown substantially, have a sizable customer base, and now seek advisory assistance to refine their strategy and execution. Grenfell Murray’s unique solution lies in their disciplined approach. They guide businesses in setting clear objectives, measuring progress, and conducting regular reviews. This method keeps businesses focused on their goals and allows them to witness the tangible benefits in terms of cash flow and financial success.

One heart-warming client story stands out. Brendon was invited to a client’s son’s wedding, a gesture that symbolises the depth of their impact. His surprise was met with gratitude from the client, who credited Grenfell Murray for making it possible to gift their son a remarkable wedding. It’s a testament to the profound difference Peta and Brendon make in their clients’ lives.

Located in Minyama, Grenfell Murray are your partners in success. With their local expertise and unwavering commitment, they’re the go-to choice for family businesses looking to grow and prosper. Whether it’s achieving significant milestones or securing financial success, Grenfell Murray is here to empower Sunshine Coast businesses every step of the way.

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