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Culture Starts Every Day

The success of a business is often directly linked to the culture of your organisation.

As the business owner can only be responsible for a certain number of tasks every day, and if you have a business of significant size, you rely on your team to do the others.

In most cases your team members interact with your customers and suppliers every day on your behalf.

You rely on them to do this to a high standard as if you were doing it yourself, but if your culture is not where it needs to be, the quality of the experience will be well below expectations.

As Richard Branson says, “If you look after your people, they will look after your customers”.

It is very important that everything you do as the leader of your business reflects the intrinsic values of you and your business.

These values are on display in everything you do as the leader of your business.

This begins with how you park your car, how you greet people every morning, how you describe your weekend.

Everything you do and say builds many, many small layers on your business culture.

Unfortunately, culture is like a brand. It can take decades to build and seconds to destroy.

A brilliant culture is where each and every team member wants to complete every task to the highest possible standard, to make the customer enjoy every interaction, and to go the extra mile at every possible opportunity.

This cannot be achieved by hiring a consultant to come to your business to conduct training sessions. This has to be developed by the leadership team.

In very large organisations, the owners must embed the culture down throughout the leadership team, and they in turn must push the culture down to the levels of management below.

The most successful organisations have an internal reward where each and every person receives internal reward for doing an excellent job and providing an excellent customer experience.

A poor culture relies on punishment for a bad job, and financial reward for a good job. This requires monitoring of each team member which adds enormously to your overheads.

Overheads eat into your profit very quickly.

If you can develop a beautiful culture, the financial rewards will flow by way of bonuses, because all members of the team performing at a high level will automatically increase the financial performance of the organisation without increasing overheads.

How do you increase the effectiveness of the team culture?

  1. Communicate the goals of the business in a way that invigorates the team.
  2. Inspire your team to live the goals and vision of the business every day.
  3. Discuss strong culture and point out weak culture in team meetings.
  4. Empower team leaders to embed the culture in their mini teams.
  5. If you have many different departments within your team, elevate your leadership style to motivate the team leaders to live the culture.
  6. Be seen to listen to ideas and act on them.
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